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When patients come to our office in Orlando, their teeth are sometimes too badly decayed or damaged for us to save them although that is always our first option. Tooth damage can occur as a result of trauma, disease, decay or infection, but we’ll do our utmost to save your tooth. If we can’t, then a getting a tooth pulled may be your only option. If you need to have a tooth pulled, call our office in Orlando to make an appointment.

What Is the Cost of Tooth Extraction in Orlando?

During your first appointment at our office in Orlando, your dentist will examine your teeth and determine the scope of work that you need. You’ll then be provided with an estimate for your tooth extraction cost which will include any coverage provided by by your dental insurance plan. If you have dental insurance, be sure to let us know so we can adjust for that.

How Does a Surgical Extraction Compare to a Tooth Extraction?

Oral surgeons typically extract teeth that haven’t fully erupted or that are in need of a root canal. Oral surgery is a specialized area of dentistry whereas routine tooth extraction is considered part of general dentistry.

I Don’t Want an Extraction, What Are My Options?

When a tooth is cracked, broken or has severe decay, there may be no other option than a tooth extraction. If an extraction is essential, we’ll provide you with options to replace your missing tooth. Although we always endeavor to save a patient’s tooth, sometimes the tooth is too damaged to save and will create more problems in the future if it is not extracted. Call our office in Orlando for more information on dental extractions.

Can One of Your Dentists Remove My Broken, Cracked, and Severely Decayed Teeth?

If one or more of your teeth have decayed through the tooth, you may need an oral surgeon to perform a root canal. If so, we’ll refer you to a recommended oral surgeon. Otherwise, we’ll recommend teeth extractions in order to alleviate your pain. We’ll also provide you with options for replacing your extracted teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Orlando.

Can Baby Teeth Be Extracted?

Sometimes a baby tooth will inhibit the appearance of an adult tooth and will need to be pulled. If a baby tooth has a large cavity that can’t be filled, or if it is inflamed and/or infected, we may recommend that your child have a tooth pulled. Our dentists are proficient in pediatric dentistry, so call our office in Orlando today if your child needs dental work.

Do I Really Need an Extraction When I Have Advanced Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease attacks the ligaments that anchor your teeth in your jaw so your teeth may loosen and become inflamed. If this is the case, you may need to have one or more teeth pulled in order to alleviate your pain. After your procedure, your dentist will discuss your options for replacing the missing teeth. Call us today in Orlando to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to appear. However, some people don’t have enough room in their jaw to accommodate the extra teeth and they experience pain, swelling, inflammation, and severe discomfort. If you have wisdom teeth that are becoming problematic, call our office in Orlando to schedule an extraction. If your wisdom teeth haven’t yet erupted but are giving you problems, we may need to refer you to an oral surgeon.

How Did I Get Crooked and Crowded Teeth?

If your teeth have grown in crooked or if they are crowded and there doesn’t seem to be room for all of them, call our office to schedule a tooth removal. Particularly if you plan to get braces, you’ll need enough room for your teeth to straighten, so call us today in Orlando for an appointment.

What Are the Care Instructions If You’ve Had One or More Teeth Pulled?

After you’ve had your dental extraction procedure, your dentist will provide you with care instructions that you need to follow diligently in order for your incision to properly heal. You’ll be provided with methods for alleviating discomfort or swelling, but be sure to call our office in Orlando if you have questions or concerns that aren’t covered in the instructions.

What’s the Healing Time for an Extraction?

Tooth extraction healing time varies because each patient heals at a different rate. Your incision should be completely healed within a week. Molar extraction or oral surgery will probably take longer to heal but call our office in Orlando if you have concerns.

If you’re in need of a tooth extraction in Orlando, call our office at (407) 278-5356 for more information and to set up an appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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