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Have you had some of your teeth removed or fall out because of damage or decay? Complete or partial denture treatment in Orlando can replace your pearly whites.

What Do Dentures Do?

When some of your teeth are missing, it changes how you look. It also makes it harder to chew and talk. Dentures are made-to-order dental devices for which replacement teeth attach to either a permanent implant or a removable frame. The artificial teeth can match the natural color and shape of your real teeth as well as have translucency.

Also, these appliances support your facial structure. If you care for them properly, they will last for a long time. For that reason, they are a great investment into your oral health.

Which Denture Type Provides Affordability and Quality?

You can choose from several affordable quality dentures. However, our dentists can help you decide on a type after we do an exam. You can review the possibilities below.

Full or Complete Dentures: What Are They?

There is no difference between a full or complete denture. It restores all of the missing teeth on the your lower or upper jaw. Our dentists will remove the remaining teeth on the row for which you will wear the denture. After your gums heal, we will fit you for a permanent or removable device. The permanent appliance anchors into your jaw, while the removable denture sits on your gums.

Why Select a Partial Denture?

As removable appliances, partial dentures do not require that you have healthy teeth extracted. Instead, they use your remaining teeth as support for the bridge-like structure. They include the number of crowns that you need and clips to slide over the supporting teeth. You must clean them each night.

How Do Flexible Partial Dentures Work?

Compared to a conventional partial denture, flexible partial dentures use more flexible materials than metal. They can bend with your mouth, which increases the level of comfort for you. They also blend in better because the materials are gum-colored. For that reason, others notice them less.

Implant-Supported Denture: What Is It?

Unlike a traditional denture, implant-supported dentures use implants as anchors in your mouth. They can be permanent or removable, and the number of implants that you need will depend on your unique situation.

The two removable options that you have are ball-retained and bar-retained. Ball-retained devices consist of ball-like sockets and attachments that link with the implants. Bar-retained appliances use a metal bar with clasps to link with up to five implants.

A permanent or fixed denture is a device that attaches to your teeth via two or more implants. You never have to remove it, so you can smile, talk, eat and clean the teeth like your real ones.

What Are All-on-4® Dentures?

Like implant-supported dentures, the All-on-4® concept uses four Nobel Biocare implants per arch. Two of them sit at an angle so that the denture remains stable, providing more biting power than a fixed denture.

What Are the Steps for Getting a Denture?

It involves multiple steps to get dentures in Orlando, and they depend on your dental health and denture of choice. Our dentists will record teeth measurements and impressions to create a denture that fits your mouth. We remove remaining diseased teeth and offer a temporary denture while your gums heal. You will return to get your denture, and we will make necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. Contact us for more information.

Dentures: How Much Are They?

Everyone’s dentures cost is different based on their necessary preparatory treatments, dental insurance, denture material costs, and type of denture. Our dental practice in Orlando can provide affordable services. Learn more about what your cost will be when you visit us for a consultation.

How Does a Denture Soft Reline Work?

As a lining adjustment, a soft denture reline uses a soft material instead of a hard acrylic. The soft lining is pliable for as long as two years and may reduce denture pain.

Schedule Your Dentures Consultation in Orlando Today

If you need affordable quality dentures, our dentists in Orlando want to help you. Contact us for more details.

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