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What Are Root Canals?

When the pulp or soft tissue inside becomes infected, injured, or exposed from decay you might begin to experience a lot of pain and trouble using your teeth. Dental root canal treatment, which is also called endodontic therapy, is a surgical procedure that removes the pulp to permanently relieve the pain.

When Is Endodontic Therapy Needed?

Damaged or infected tooth tissue doesn’t heal on its own. Because of that, you may need root canal surgery for your tooth. Some signs to look for include:

  • persistent pain that’s moderate to severe
  • gum swelling around the area
  • trouble sleeping because of the pain
  • deep cavities or discoloration in the tooth
  • sensitivity to heat, cold or touch
  • Pain when eating or drinking

Which Kinds of Root Canals Are There?

A molar root canal is the most common type of endodontic treatment. However, this therapy is effective for all of your teeth, including the front ones. There are also alternative procedures such as an apicoectomy, which involves removing the tip of the root after a prior treatment is unsuccessful. A pediatric pulpotomy involves removing diseased pulp but leaves the nerve intact.

Where Is Endodontic Treatment Performed?

Root canals don’t always require the expertise of a specialist or endodontist. Most of the time, the procedure can be performed by a general dentist. Therapy from an endodontist may only be necessary if you have a complex situation or must have a second treatment. Call our office to schedule an appointment for endodontic therapy from a qualified root canal dentist.

How Does Getting a Root Canal Work?

It takes just one to two hours for a dentist to perform a root canal procedure. The following are the steps performed to complete the procedure.

  1. An anesthetic is used to numb the affected tooth, preventing a painful experience.
  2. We keep the area around the tooth clean and isolated with a small shield.
  3. The dentist creates an opening in the tooth crown to enter the pulp chamber.
  4. We use special instruments to pull out the pulp and shape the root canals.
  5. The dentist disinfects the canals and removes any leftover debris with a fluid.
  6. We fill the canals with gutta-percha, a rubbery substance, and then seal them.
  7. The dentist attaches a root canal crown to the tooth for protection against fracturing and decay.

Is It Recovery from an Endodontic Procedure Painful?

Getting a dental root canal sounds like it might be painful. However, our dentists keep you comfortable by using local anesthetic. If pain or other side effects develop afterward, don’t hesitate to contact our practice for a follow-up visit and pain relief.

Root Canal Treatment: How Much Is It?

There’s no set root canal cost. Your bill will be determined by the severity of your tooth damage and how much work is needed to repair it. You’ll also pay more for teeth with more roots. For instance, front teeth usually have just one root, while molars tend to have four. Other factors include whether or not you need to see an endodontist or need alternative procedures. Additionally, how much of the cost your dental insurance covers will affect your out-of-pocket cost. Set up an appointment for an assessment and estimate by calling our office in Orlando today.

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